Signs Your Truck Needs Diesel Repair [infographic]

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At Eller Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair in Salisbury, North Carolina, we know that, in spite of paying close attention to maintenance issues, at some point your truck is likely to need diesel repair. The key is being diligent about noticing when something is amiss, so it can be repaired before it becomes a costlier issue or puts you and others on the road in danger. We thought we’d outline some symptoms that you can watch for that indicate you need diesel repair to help you avoid those worst-case scenarios.

  • Loss of Power– The main cause for loss of power is a fuel delivery problem. This can come about when the fuel filter bowl hasn’t been drained in a timely manner or there is a main fuel filter issue.
  • Blue Smoke- This is definitely one of those symptoms you do not want to ignore as the burning that causes blue smoke is related to an overfilled oil chamber, worn cylinders, or a serious oil leak.
  • Difficulty Starting– The first thing we look for in this situation is whether you are using the right kind of engine oil for the season. If the weather has recently changed, it may be time to swap out the single-weight oil for a multi-weight oil or vice versa. In addition, difficulty starting can also be indicative of a compression system issue or an issue with the glow plugs. In the case of glow plug issues, eventually you won’t be able to start it at all and you’ll then need our 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Black Smoke– This is often indicative of a problem with the turbocharger system. It could be malfunctioning or indicate there is leaking involved; again, not something you want to wait to have resolved.