7 Signs You Should Bring in Your RV for Repairs [infographic]

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You love taking your RV to get out and enjoy the scenery. When your RV runs into problems, you want to get them fixed as soon as possible, so you can get back out on the road. Watch out for the following signs that you should bring your RV to us for some repairs.

7 Signs You Should Bring in Your RV for Repairs [infographic]

•  Vibrations—Your RV was built to be sturdy, but strange vibrations can indicate that something’s off. If you’re driving down the road and a vibration in your steering wheel makes it hard to drive, bring it in for an inspection.

•  Strange noises—Has your RV started to make weird noises when you’re stopped or when you drive? Odd noises can indicate anything from suspension issues to engine problems.

•  Odd smells & odors—Along with strange noises coming from your RV, you should watch out for abnormal smells. These smells can indicate there’s something wrong with your RV’s exhaust system or air conditioner.

•  Electrical issues—Electrical problems can threaten your safety and even damage your RV. If your RV’s lights flicker or your outlets don’t work, bring it into us to take a look.

•  Illuminated brake light—When your brake light illuminates, bring your RV to us right away for an inspection. If the brakes on your RV suddenly go out, the results can be disastrous.

•  Mechanical problems—Are you having a hard time starting your RV? Is your engine failing to work as it should? Bring your RV into us for a tune-up.

•  Soft spots on your roof—Even a minor amount of water that gets where it shouldn’t be in your RV can lead to mold and mildew, electrical shorts, and other issues. If there are stains, bubbles, or spots on your RV’s roof, bring it to us to take a look.