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Our team includes heavy-duty mechanics who can take care of your tractor trailer.

A tractor trailer combines a tractor unit and a trailer that carries freight, and it’s an essential component of a heavy-duty vehicle used for transportation purposes. A tractor trailer is also called a semi-truck or a truck with a large trailer attached to the back of it. The type of equipment is used to haul heavy equipment and machinery to various locations, whether the items are needed on a construction site or an industrial location. But when a tractor trailer experiences an issue, it’s important to know where to take it for repair. Most automotive technicians don’t have the knowledge or experience to work on this type of specialized transportation equipment.

Tractor Trailer in Lexington, North Carolina

If you’re in or around Lexington, North Carolina, you can count on our technicians at Eller Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair for all your tractor trailer needs. We work with tractor trailer owners, fleet managers, and other transportation professionals to handle a wide range of services on these pieces of equipment. Our team includes heavy-duty mechanics who can take care of your tractor trailer, as they work on heavy-duty equipment regularly.

Our tractor trailer services include diagnostics and repairs of the body, electrical system, brakes, and tire tread. Body repairs can become important if the bumpers or flaps are impacted, as these issues can create dangerous situations for others on the road. Electrical issues can cause your brake lights to stop functioning, while the tread of the tires on the trailer impact the safety of the unit. Trust us for all your tractor trailer repair and maintenance needs.

At Eller Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair, we offer tractor trailer repair services to those in Salisbury, Granite Quarry, Rockwell, Landis, Kannapolis, Lexington, China Grove, Cleveland, Mooresville, Faith, Gold Hill, Richfield, Albemarle, and Concord, North Carolina.