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When you experience an issue with your truck, you can bring it to our location for truck diagnostics.

Engines are found in all types of machinery and equipment, but they’re very complex machines that require the proper maintenance and care. When you experience an issue with something that relies on an engine for its power, it’s always best to leave the diagnostics and repair in the hands of a skilled professional. This is certainly the case for heavy-duty trucks and equipment, and our team at Eller Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair is the team to trust in the Lexington, North Carolina area. We provide a range of truck services to our valued clients, and we have technicians who understand the inner workings of complex diesel- and gas-powered engines.

Truck Diagnostics in Lexington, North Carolina

When you experience an issue with your truck, you can bring it to our location for truck diagnostics. If you’re not able to drive due to the severity of the problem, we can provide emergency roadside assistance and tow the vehicle to our shop. Once it arrives in the shop, we’ll immediately begin performing truck diagnostics to find out what’s causing the problem. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools when diagnosing and repairing truck issues.

Many local automotive shops don’t have the equipment needed to run truck diagnostics on heavy-duty vehicles and machinery. This is something that sets us apart, as we specialize in diesel engines, heavy-duty vehicles, and RVs. With our technicians by your side, you can get back out on the road quickly and efficiently with a repaired truck that exceeds your expectations and accommodates your needs.

At Eller Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair, we offer truck diagnostic services to those in Salisbury, Granite Quarry, Rockwell, Landis, Kannapolis, Lexington, China Grove, Cleveland, Mooresville, Faith, Gold Hill, Richfield, Albemarle, and Concord, North Carolina.